Penis enlargement tips - which is better to choose, how to apply

Small penis size and insufficient erection duration are two problems that concern many men of all ages. Due to unsuccessful sexual intercourse and constant dissatisfaction of the couple, representatives of the stronger sex acquire complexities and deprive themselves of intimate life.

To make the relationship longer and more attractive, you can use a special penis enlargement attachment. This device allows you to visually lengthen and make the penis thicker, improve its shape, and help to give your beloved woman indescribable pleasure.

What is a Connection Nozzle?

penis enlargement attachment picture 1

The enlarging attachment is a tool for intimate play that makes the penis thicker and longer during intercourse.

Attachments are sold for every taste: with pimples and embossed surfaces, with vibrators, with two attachments for simultaneous stimulation of the genitals and anus, with and without soft silicone heads.

It should be understood that the attachment is not an extender, it does not contribute to the physical enlargement of the penis, but only changes the size of the organ visually.

Externally, they look like condoms made of a more durable material. On the other hand, they can be associated with "intimate toys", with its help you can achieve stronger sexual stimulation, bright and long -lasting orgasm. The male limb, which has increased during an erection, returns to its original state after intercourse.

With the help of tools, you can significantly prolong erections, increase orgasm. The sensitivity of the head of the penis in the muzzle is reduced, so ejaculation is delayed.

After removing the device, the size of the phallus remained the same, not a single centimeter was added to the penis.

What magnifying tips are used?

The size of the reproductive organs is an important component of masculinity. Men with large penises are characterized by self -confidence, self -esteem, and they lead rich and happy sex lives.

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But not all strong half -human representatives have been endowed by nature with genitals of optimal size. A penis that thickens and lengthens the attachment can help you deal with the problems below.

  1. Insufficient penis thickness.The thin and fragile penis during intercourse does not come into contact with the mucous wall of the vagina, so neither the man nor his partner gets satisfaction. The attachment helps increase the diameter of the phallus significantly.
  2. Short length of penis.Not all sexual positions are available for small men. But with the help of extension attachments, you can safely try, try any pose, and feel like a real man.
  3. Weak relief. The more veins that swell on the penis, the bigger the head, the stronger the woman’s pleasure during sex. Many magnifiers are produced with various surface bumps.
  4. Short erections.When using the appendix, blood flows to the genitals intensively, which contributes to a stable and long -lasting erection.
  5. Dissatisfaction with intimate life.With long -term sexual intercourse, couples are often bored with boredom. Intimate accessories with elongation effect, various bulges and additional functions allow you to diversify sexual intercourse. A woman, after receiving the effects of strong sex using a mouthpiece, will not want to leave her beloved man for a lover with a big dick.


Often, men buy penis enlargement attachments to please their beloved women. Tools designed to thicken and lengthen the penis during sexual intercourse have many positive qualities:

penis enlargement with a nozzle
  • This product significantly thickens the penis, lengthening it by at least five centimeters, helping to stimulate the vaginal wall more intensively;
  • Devices with closed ends can serve as condoms, used for safe sex (attachment is recommended for couples who are afraid of unwanted pregnancies or venereal diseases);
  • Many enlargement accessories come with bumps and thick layers that enhance the pleasant sensation during intercourse;
  • The attachment is inexpensive, and it works for a long time, the range of gadgets itself is extensive, manufacturers offer toys for sexual play for every taste and wallet;
  • A device equipped with a vibration function is produced, it contributes to obtaining a strong pleasant sensation during intercourse;
  • The penis in the attachment, as in a condom, loses some sensitivity, so the duration of intimate action increases. For this reason, it is recommended to use the tool for men who experience uncontrolled rapid ejaculation.

Weaknesses of attachment

doctor's consultation about penis enlargement attachment

While the penis enlargement attachment has many advantages, it also has some significant disadvantages, which are described below.

  • Reduces the sensitivity of the head of the penis. On the one hand, this is not bad, because the duration of intimate action increases significantly. On the other hand, a man hardly experiences pleasant sensations; it is very difficult for her to reach orgasm.
  • The man who first installs a nozzle on his penis may experience discomfort during the first three days of using the device, which interferes with the reception of pleasure from sex. But over time, the unpleasant sensation disappears.
  • If a man has mistakenly placed an accessory on his penis or moved too actively during intercourse, then the muzzle may, after flying out of the organ shaft, get stuck in the vagina. In such a situation, you need to seek help from a gynecologist.
  • The oversized ring -shaped tip causes severe discomfort. Tight and improperly installed rings interfere with blood circulation in the penis, leading to serious pathology of the reproductive system.

Types of attachments for penis enlargement

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On sex shop shelves, you can find elongated and thickened devices of various shapes and sizes. Often, attachments are made of the following materials:

  • latex- a simple, but not allergenically safe material from which intimate toys are created that stretch like condoms;
  • Thermoplastic rubber- cheap, but not so similar to the living human body to be touched;
  • silicon- elastic material, soft, allergy safe;
  • Cyber skin- high quality material that most closely resembles human skin when touched, does not cause allergic reactions.

Attachments for penis enlargement can be as simple as complex, causing a lot of sensations during sex.

The bump device is designed to give the woman a lot of pleasure. But an elastic accessory with an uneven surface is produced, a man can turn it into and even experience a pleasant sensation.

Also, a double nozzle is produced, with the help of two actions performed at once: both the vagina and anus are stimulated. Closed end and open end tools are sold.

In a nozzle with an open tip, the sensitivity of the head of the penis is not lost, so a man, like a woman, experiences pleasure.

The rooster crowed

penis enlargement penis rings

Ring -shaped magnifying attachments are available in different materials and are distinguished by their ductility.

They can have a smooth or grooved surface, used as an adjunct to stimulate the clitoris and vagina of a female partner.

Manufacturers offer several options for ring -shaped nozzles:

  • Simple ring - has no pads and bulges, stretches over the penis, is installed near the pubis or near the base of the head;
  • Ring with clamps - attached to the scrotum, squeezing the vas deferens, allows you to delay ejaculation;
  • Rings with vibrators - actively stimulate the clitoris, vagina and anus, helping women reach orgasm quickly.

The ring -shaped attachment prevents blood from flowing out of the penile tissue. As a result, the penis swells, increases in length and width. Choosing a ring for the size of the phallus is quite problematic: usually the device is produced in standard diameters. And with excessive compression of the organ, injury or hematoma may occur.

How to use attachments properly

In order for the enlarged nozzle to be used for a long time, and the man not to suffer from health problems when using it, it is necessary to use the intimate device properly and carefully. Here are the basic rules for using the device:

  1. After use, the tool must be washed with warm water and soap. Do not clean the attachment with corrosive powders, solvents or other harsh chemicals.
  2. The device is pulled only on the phallus, the level of erection of which has reached 100%.
  3. intimacy with penis enlargement attachment
  4. The attachment is something exclusive for personal use, you cannot allow other men to use it.
  5. The outer surface of the product is treated with an intimate lubricant; it is forbidden to use lubricant on the penis. It is advisable to treat the inner surface of the instrument with talcum powder so that no callus appears on the sensitive skin of the penis as a result of rubbing.
  6. The duration of intercourse with the attachment should not exceed 30 minutes.
  7. If you experience pain during sex, the device should be removed immediately.
  8. Do not use attachments every day. With excessive passion for the device, erectile function gradually declines.
  9. It is advisable to choose accessories from materials that are safe for allergies. Silicone tips are considered the best, it does not cause allergies at all.

Contraindications for use

Properly sized attachments for penis size should not be harmful. However, there are certain restrictions on the use of the device:

  • It is not recommended to use the instrument for oral and anal intercourse, as it is very dangerous for couples;
  • Do not use the appendix for more than 30 minutes, otherwise rupture of blood vessels and hematomas are inevitable;
  • It is forbidden to use erection rings for blood diseases;
  • To avoid injury, do not use DIY tools;
  • In the case of cardiovascular pathology, it is permissible to use the appendix only after consultation with the attending physician.