Penis enlargement methods

Penis enlargement, sometimes humorously called male enhancement, is a technique that involves increasing the volume, length, and firmness of the male penis.

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How to enlarge the penis

The procedure ranges from exercise to stretching devices and surgery, with reports of success and failure from around the world. Some of these are outright scams, while others can be successful. Often in fraudulent product advertising, the distinction between temporary enhancement, i. e. , erection, and permanent enhancement is deliberately distorted.

A valid study has been done specifically on penis enlargement; where it appears that any statement of significant and sustained improvement may be attributed to objective research that is biased or unsystematic, unverified, and may be in favor of the interests and emotions of the source. There is currently no evidence that there are non -surgical methods that continue to increase the thickness and length of a normal penis. A general study has been conducted regarding the safety and efficacy (or lack thereof) of ingredients of various pharmaceutical and quasi -pharmaceutical preparations; but so far, nothing has been found to force traditional medicine to use it. There are also inherent in some invasive procedures, negative results ranging from skin tears and scarring to long -term loss of sexual function. Due to the speculative nature of any hope for "improvement" and the many cases of chronic trauma known to be involved in these trials, many professionals are skeptical about the topic and tend to avoid this area.

Most commercial markets for penis enlargement procedures are based on unconfirmed claims that large cocks increase sexual prowess and attractiveness to potential mates.

Normal penis enlargement is different from seeking relief from a well -known microelene medical condition, where surgery can intervene to increase the size of the organ for urination or sexual function. Concerns about penis size can be (in extreme cases) a psychological / psychiatric condition that is best addressed with a qualified physician.

Penis enlargement surgery

There are several types of surgery, all of which carry a similar risk of complications. The Second International Sexual Dysfunction Consultation concluded that most men would not want to undergo any surgery if they were properly informed about the estimated consequences and risk of complications.

Tablets and Supplements

Penis enlargement pills, patches, ointments are usually advertised all over the internet. Many products contain harmless ingredients, but there are many products that have not been tested at all for safety and side effects, and no products have been scientifically proven to be effective.

Physical methods of enlargement

Various physical methods have been used in an effort to enlarge the male penis. To date, none of them have been found to be effective. Techniques include stretching, enlargement using light weights, and increasing blood flow and/or blood pressure in the penis. There is also a significant "overlap" between methods designed to enlarge the penis and methods designed to achieve different effects, certain problems, such as reversible impotence, increased erection duration, better sexual orgasm, and so on.

Pam zakar

A penis pump is a cylinder located inside the penis that has a manual or self -contained pump that creates a partial vacuum around the penis that increases as blood flows there. When the vacuum increases, then the pressure in the blood vessels of the penis increases; excessive vacuum causes vascular damage.

Pumps can be used to temporarily relieve the symptoms of impotence, but they do not cure the disease itself: a ring -shaped tourniquet must be used to keep blood trapped in the penis, otherwise the erection will die. The pump can work even if nerves or ducts are affected, which prevents a natural erection, but excessive or prolonged use (for several hours) will cause long -term harm.

The pump must be used with caution to avoid serious injury: if overheated, blood vessels can rupture and blisters appear.

Kazem, Hosseini and Alizadeh investigated the effectiveness of the pump for permanent penis enlargement. They studied 37 men whose penis length was less than 10 centimeters and did not see any significant change in penis length after six months of using the pump, although 30% of them were satisfied with the method. The conclusion of the article shows that penis vacuum treatment is not an effective method to enlarge it, but it does provide some psychological satisfaction for some men.

Pumps have been used successfully in the treatment of men with Peyronie’s disease, which causes unusual shortening and curvature of the penis. A study by the Department of Urology in London, in 31 men, found "clinically and statistically significant improvements in penis length, angle of curvature and pain after 12 weeks of vacuum pump use. " In this study, subjects with Peyronie’s disease were pumped twice a day for tenminutes for 12 weeks. Extra penis length, averaging 0. 5 centimeters, was a side effect found in about one-third of the subjects and not the focus of the study.


Clamping is a very risky and dangerous method. The purpose of clamps is to increase the length of the penis using compression devices such as shoe laces, cable clamps, tight rings, used to restrict blood flow from organs. The device is securely attached to the base of the penis, and the man is engaged in "promotion" (extended masturbation). Metal rings are dangerous because the blood in the penis is clogged, this may be the reason for the impossibility of the ring being removed without emergency assistance through a cut or cutting of the ring. Clamping can cause significant long -term damage to the penis.

Hand exercises


Jelqing is a method of physical therapy designed to achieve "natural penis enlargement" by increasing blood pressure and circulation. This is done by rubbing the penis repeatedly in a squeezing motion from its base to the glans; special devices have been created to achieve the same effect. This movement is reminiscent of milking.

According to a BJUI article, the method is derived from ancient Arabic; the Arabic word for "milking" is sometimes claimed to be the etymological root of the term, but this is a controversial issue and the origin of the term becomes unclear.

Despite the statements of proponents of the method are unfounded about its effectiveness, there is no medical opinion confirming its effectiveness. In addition, medical journalist Christopher Wanjek said that the claim that the method "will enlarge the penile cavity, which is filled with blood intended to improve erections, is biologically absurd. "

Although considered the safest "radical" method of penis enlargement, jelqing can cause blood vessels to rupture, scar formation, pain, deformity and desensitization of the penis.

Cosmetic methods

Instead of changing the actual size of your penis, you can make it look bigger by removing pubic hair or just losing weight. Circumcision is also sometimes mentioned (funny) to make the penis look more visible, both more and less.